3D Indire

Welcome to the research & development environment of the Maker@Scuola Indire project

Since 2014, we are studying the 3D printer's introduction in the school, particularly the influence that this tool can have on laboratory teaching from the Pre-Primary School to Primary School.

This portal collects all the experimental activities developed at Indire in the field of "maker movement" field. If you want to know which research projects are under way visit the Maker@Scuola page or download the english pd presentation here.

You will also be able to draw in 3D using our SugarCAD software specially designed for school and optimized for use on touch devices as well.

If you want to create a private wifi network through which to manage the entire 3D printing process from drawing to object printing, visit the in3Dire page. After you purchase a mini motherboard type RaspberryPi or equivalent, you can download an operating system that is specifically configured by us to allow you to create a private wifi network and access the services you need to follow the printing process.

For any question write to stampa3d@indire.it.