3D Indire


in3Dire is a single board computer (SBC) based server that provides a set of web services dedicated to 3d modeling and printing through the provision of a private wifi network.

To create an in3Dire server, simply purchase a Raspberry Pi3 or Orange Pi Plus 2E card and download the file that already contains the fully-configured operating system.

The server hosting in3Dire must be physically connected to the 3d printer and all prints can be managed by any device using a normal browser, directly connected to the wifi network created by the system.

The in3Dire system contains it (already ready to be used):

  • Owncloud: for file sharing within the workgroup.
  • SugarCAD: cad for 3D modeling and .stl file generation, for more information, see the dedicated page on this site.
  • Octoprint: print management software and slicing of models generated by SugarCAD or other 3D modeling software.
  • Wordpress: a writing environment for 3D print experiences, in a blog-like format.

No configuration is required when installed in3Dire on the SBC card will be enough to turn on the server, run the first recording, and start working.

For each specific question you can write to stampa3d@indire.it