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Born and developed beside of "Maker@Scuola" research project, SugarCAD is a 3D modeling software that, thanks to its ease of use, allows teachers, students and makers to shape their ideas.

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Designed and developed to fit school's need

Web based

Thanks to the WebGL technology, build and manage your projects directly from your web browser

Designed for school

Developed considering technological settings and common problems of school's environments

Multiple interfaces

You can choose you user interface: considering your experience level you can use more or less tools

Simple and powerful

With a simple and intuitive user interface you'll be able to create an infinity of shapes

Offline safe

SugarCAD, if used in the in3Dire bundle, works even when internet connection is down

Anonymous mode

You can try SugarCAD without registering, in anonymous mode, and then register in the future if you like it

All the shapes you can imagine

In SugarCAD you'll be able to use a lot of predefined shapes, and if you don't find what you're looking for you can create it on your own!

Freehand drawing, rotation, extrusion or parametric shapes, manual editing of shapes vertices and faces, boolean operations such as union or intersection of shapes.

The only limit is your imagination.

Mobile friendly and cross device

SugarCAD has been developed and optimized to work even on devices different from the common computers.

You'll be able to create your masterpieces using tablets or other devices such as interactive tables or whiteboards.

A community of shapes

You can create your own shapes and share them with SugarCAD users..

All the shared shapes flow into a shapes' community and can be used for free.

Community shapes are continuously checked by the SugarCAD's technical staff, so you'll always be sure to find there good work from the users.

Imagine, create, print

The shapes you'll create can be exported in STL format, so you can easily print them.

If you use SugarCAD within the in3Dire bundle you can manage all the steps of the production, from planning to designing to printing the shapes.

Creating your 3D masterpieces has never been so easy.

Register and enter

Register for free to fully access all the SugarCAD's tools or try it in anonymous mode.

User's manual

Read documentation to discover SugarCAD's tools and functionalities and use them at the best.